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Suzanne was born and raised in Minnesota, and grew up wanting to be a professional football player… until she turned 7 and realized she was a girl.  Undeterred, Suzanne swapped pigskin for pigtails and competed in multiple sports, later going on to win a television sports reporting award while earning a degree from the University of Minnesota School of Journalism.


Shortly after arriving in Los Angeles, Suzanne was offered a coveted spot on the second season of ABC’s now-infamous The Bachelor.  Defying all common sense and against the exceptional advice of friends and family, she accepted.  Suzanne has not yet forgiven herself.
Suzanne’s professional on-camera career began as co-host of Poker Royale on GSN (formerly Game Show Network), where she interviewed professional poker players as they were slowly but inevitably knocked out of big-money games.  She then did the same with non-pros on Poker Dome Challenge on Fox Sports Net (which won a sports Emmy, for which Suzanne would like to take credit but won’t).  Despite the plethora of poker games watched, Suzanne remains a shockingly bad poker player.
Suzanne studied acting at her father Dan’s feet, watching him rehearse and perform in dozens of plays for more decades than he’d care for her to mention.  The circumstances leading to her first major acting job, guest starring on Jenna Elfman’s short-lived sitcom Courting Alex, seem too improbable to believe – which makes it a perfect Hollywood story.
Suzanne has since added roles in Californication, ‘Til Death and The Devil Inside to her resume, and starred on stage (or grass, as it were) as Mrs. Cheveley in Oscar Wilde’s An Ideal Husband, and as Chelsea Thayer opposite her father (playing, coincidentally, her father) in On Golden Pond.
Suzanne returned to her tomboy past and put her athleticism to good use by becoming a fitness model, appearing in the pages of Oxygen Magazine, on the DVD cover for “Brazil Butt Lift” (about which she’s just as surprised as you), and on television for products such as NordicTrack and Pro-Form. 
Her addiction to reading led Suzanne to expand her acting skills to include audiobook narration. Her books can be found on Audible, Amazon & iTunes.


Though she despises the word “hobby,” Suzanne enjoys reading post-apocalyptic YA novels featuring heroic girls saving the earth, tweeting Sheldon quotes from The Big Bang Theory, and scaring herself witless by doing ridiculous things like learning to scuba and singing the national anthem before an Indy Car race.  Until it comes time to face any more fears, she’d rather not think about them.

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